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Year 2016 Happenings 
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  March: Publish & Send Out (mail & e-mail) Badger Bulletin

  May 14: Home Spun Friends 19th Annual Quilt Show

  May 28: Wishek Baccalaureate/Commencement

  June 4: BMVW Golf Tourn.

  June 18: 7th Wishek Community 5K Walk/Run 

  June 18: 6th Wishek Alumni Golf Scramble 


  June 19: Wishek Hospital Breakfast Fundraiser

  June 19: 1st Annual Co-Ed Softball Tournament

  July 14, 15, 16, 17: 90th Tri-County Fair

  July 24: Sayler Implement / Big Screen Golf Tourn.

  August 6: Wishek Electric / Outlaw Construction Golf Tourn.

  October 12: 91st Annual Sauerkraut Day 

  October 21: 47th Wishek Wildlife Buffalo Supper

  Thanksgiving Weekend: Alumni Basketball Game


Officers for October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016



  President: Denise (Rau) Piatz (1994)

  Vice President: Larry Wald (1976)

  Secretary: Beverly (Welk) Vilhauer (1977)

  Treasurer: Mary Wald (1994)

  Historian: Audrey (Just) Boschee (1950)

  Database Technician: Sue (Slama) Wolff  (Faculty)

  Past President: Larry Wald (1976) 

  WPSAA Website: Sue Wolff



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     Wonderful weather was on hand for the 22nd All-School Reunion on Saturday, June 18th.  The weekend was also full of other   activities including the 7th Annual Wishek Community 5K Walk/Run, 6th Annual Alumni Golf Scramble, Wishek Summer Fun Day, Taste of Wishek, and the 1st Annual Co-Ed Softball Tournament.  Some members of the honored classes of 1956, 1966, 1976, and 1986 received  honey obtained from Bryan Dohn (1981), Danzig Honey Co.  All alumni attending were given a reusable tote adorned with the Badger logo.  

     Bev Vilhauer (1977) and Esther Maier (faculty) greeted the alumni as they were registering. Mary Wald (1994) & Denise (Rau) Piatz (1994) hosted the event.  Kathy (Rieger) Welder (1965), Audrey (Just) Boschee (1950) and Gladys Brosy served refreshments.  A meat & cheese tray was donated by Stan’s Super Valu, Darren Deile (1985) owner.  Larry Wald (1976) emceed the event and Bev Vilhauer provided the invocation and conducted the memorial service. 

     Dawn (Blinsky) Dallman (1974) served a delicious meal of strudels with roast beef. Each table was adorned with cupcakes made by Melissa (Kaseman) Wolf (1995). Members of the South Border Mustangs Volleyball team assisted as table waiters and cleanup helpers.

     Bonnie (Kautz) Wiskus (1957), representing the Wishek chapter of Dollars For Scholars, and Larry Wald conducted an auction of four kuchens to benefit Dollars for Scholars.

     Bev Vilhauer and Larry Wald conducted a game of trivia which included information on Wishek, each individual class, and the era in which they graduated. The Class of 1976 won the event by answering five questions correctly and were treated to a free beverage which was provided by the Lariat Lounge, Barry Mueller (1988), owner.  Following the trivia, Mary and Larry organized the photo sessions. Pictures from the reunion can be viewed on the alumni website at www.wpsaa.com.

     Alumni were invited to attend the Wishek Summer Fun Day dance which was held downtown. It was sponsored by the Wishek Association of Commerce. Alumni were also invited to attend the Wishek Hospital fundraiser breakfast on Sunday morning at the Wishek Public School lunchroom.  The 1st Annual Co-Ed Softball Tournament was held all day Sunday.

     The 23rd Wishek All-School Reunion will again be held on Father’s Day weekend in 2017 on Saturday, June 17th. The Wishek Community 5K Walk/Run, the Alumni Golf Tournament, and Wishek Summer Fun Day are all tentatively scheduled to be held that same day as is the Wishek Community Hospital & Clinics breakfast  and the Co-Ed Softball Tournament on Sunday, June 18th.

     Make your summer 2017 plans now to attend the Wishek Alumni, the Wishek Association of Commerce, and the Wishek Hospital’s fun-packed weekend!